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Dental Testimonials Baton Rouge

We love to tell you about Cypress Dental's devotion to excellence in dentistry that improves quality of life. We will happily discuss all the big and little things Dr. LeJeune and his team do to make sure patients have positive outcomes. However, maybe you/d rather hear it straight from those who have experienced our care.

Thank you, Dr. LeJeune!
"I have realized this week that I have not thanked you nearly enough for all you have done for me, my mouth & thus my overall health. Thank you for your attention to detail in your schooling, your craft & your care. You have given me care many couldn't have. Thank you for not settling for less but wanting the very best for me. You, your work, & your care have been amazing & more than I could have asked for."

From my <3
"Dear Dr. LeJeune,
I want to thank you for repairing my mouth appliance at no charge for me. I appreciate it very much. You have been such a blessing to me in helping me to get well. I am very grateful to God to have found such excellence in the care I have received. Plus, you have compassion for your patients. Not many doctors take the time to listen to their patients and give encouraging words and big hugs! You're the best!! Thank you so much! I am praying God will bless your practice and I will continue to share my story of wellness with others. I did have an opportunity the other day to recommend you while I was doing chelation. Thanks again. God bless you."
"Dear Dr. LeJeune,
I have been coming to Baton Rouge for dental care since February 2013 and I have not expressed my thankfulness to you and staff for being so caring and professional during each visit. I would like to thank you and staff for re-assuring my husband and my mother while they waited for me. My husband and mother knew how apprehensive I was about dental work and you re-assured me during each visit.

I am still in awe of the quick transformation of my teeth. I am now allowing pictures to be take of me because I do not have to worry about the gap and protruding front teeth. I have to thank the staff for providing me with a mask to wear after my first treatment.

I am now ready to be treated for TMJ problems and sleep apnea.

You and your staff continue the outstanding care. I truly thank you all."
"Dear Dr. Kurt & Staff,
When I picked up our mail Monday, I was surprised when the postal worker handed me a box. My first thought was Gordon must have ordered some supplies for his bees! But when I looked at the label and saw Cypress Dental, I could not imagine what it was!

The picture frame is beautiful! And we have the perfect picture to go in it ' our baby Reese (Lindsay's little girl). Gordon and I thank you so very much for this unique gift. It means a lot to us.

You have made such a difference in our teeth and our health. We appreciate everything you and your staff have done for us."

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