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Types of Dental Lasers Baton Rouge

MLS Laser

MLS Cold Laser, Baton Rouge Different from the surgical cutting laser that produce heat used by physicians, cold lasers have lower energy but produce a remarkable effect called bio stimulation through rapid pulse technology without the production of heat. It is most commonly used for muscle and joint problems in the medical field. While this technology is not new to medicine, it is the first time it has come into dentistry. For a dentist, the laser helps in the healing process,relieves pain and swelling, making a person feel much better in a short amount of time. The MLS Cold Laser can achieve this therapeutic effect because this laser operates both in the analgesic (pain reduction) wave length 905 and the anti-inflammatory 808 wave length. The uniqueness of this MLS laser is that it combines these two wavelengths into a continuous pulse wave achieving a shorter healing time and dramatic results. The MLS laser is the only laser in the WORLD with these capabilities. MLS lasers can be used to treat head and neck muscles from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) sufferers, as they are sore and in pain. MLS lasers also help in wound healing after root canal therapy and tooth extraction by energizing the tissues, thereby reducing swelling and allowing patients to heal quicker. This laser differs from other cold lasers in that this laser has the capabilities of a larger diameter treatment area of 2.5 cm compared to .5 cm of the Biostim Cold laser.

Dr. LeJeune has utilized laser therapy for over 10 years, but the addition of the MLS laser allows him to treat larger areas of tissue that has damage. Cypress Dental has the 11th and 12th MPI laser units in North America!

Lumix2 Biostim Cold Laser

Cold Laser, Baton Rouge This Lumix2 Biostim Cold Laser targets tissues with a non-invasive laser beam that is up to 10 times stronger than a typical surgical laser, yet it does not cause damage. The Lumix2 Biostim Cold Laser provides increased mitochondrial ATP loads and healing/repair signaling within the cells. Cold lasers can be used to promote healing, reduce pain, and shorten multiple types of healing times. The Biostim Laser is the latest non-invasive most technological advanced tool in treating pain and promoting healing available. This involves the application of high intensity, non destructive diode laser light that activates cellular physiology and promotes tissue healing and proliferation.

Deka Ultra speed Diode CO2 Laser

Deka, Baton Rouge The Deka Laser gives the clinician the ability to incise the tissue with the same speed as a scalpel and seals blood vessels for a bloodless surgical field. The speed gives the surrounding area time to cool. This results in essentially no trauma to the adjacent tissue. This allows incisions that are faster and more precise, with enhanced healing properties. The Deka Laser is the preferred laser for use in periodontal procedures, oral surgery, and implants.

Biolase Diolase ST Laser

Similar to the Deka Laser, Baton Rouge This laser is similar to the Deka Laser as it is used for soft tissue. It also has the precision of a scalpel and allows for a blood less field. This laser is typically used for soft tissue crown lengthening, gingivectomy and gingivoplasty, frenectomy, treatment of periodontal pocketing and to disinfect teeth before crowns, bridges, or fillings are placed.

Versawave Erbium Yag Laser

Erbium Yag Laser, Baton Rouge This laser was introduced into our practice in late 2007. This laser is not only capable of all previous listed soft tissue and disinfection capabilities as the other laser in our practice but in addition it has the unique capability to cut and remove hard tissue such as bone and tooth structure.

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