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Cosmetic Contouring Baton Rouge

Cosmetic Contouring Baton Rouge Cosmetic contouring is a conservative and economical way to enhance your smile. In just one visit to Cypress Dental in Baton Rouge, Dr. Kurt LeJeune can reshape teeth and correct minor appearance issues.

The procedure

Dr. LeJeune examines your mouth and takes time to understand your concerns. If dental contouring is appropriate, it may be done immediately or scheduled for a future visit. X-rays may be recommended to ensure that teeth are healthy. Then Dr. LeJeune marks teeth that will be sculpted. He uses laser and high-speed instruments, and sandpaper-like strips for precise shaping. Then teeth are smoothed and polished.

Usually no anesthetic is needed, and only a short amount of time is needed to address:
  • Enamel chips
  • Sharp corners
  • Jagged edges
  • Slight overlaps
  • Pointy cuspids
  • Long teeth

Benefits of cosmetic contouring

  • Conservative – Only a small amount of enamel is removed – less than for veneers or crowns.
  • Economical – This is an extremely affordable smile enhancement, compared to other cosmetic techniques.
  • Virtually painless – Since only surface enamel is affected, there is generally no discomfort or residual sensitivity.
  • Improves oral health – Dental contouring may remove imperfections that trap plaque and bacteria, leading to tartar build up and increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Treatment may also reduce the risk of tooth fracture or breakage.
  • Orthodontic alternative – In some cases, dental contouring can avoid the need for cosmetic straightening.
  • Versatile – Tooth reshaping may be all your smile needs to look its best. Or, it can be part of a comprehensive smile makeover including other esthetic treatments such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and crowns.
Cosmetic contouring isn’t right for every patient or appearance concern. You can rely on Dr. LeJeune’s ethical approach, experience, and expertise to guide you to the best treatment for your smile. Call Cypress Dental in Baton Rouge at (225) 248-8400 to schedule an appointment.