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Teeth Whitening Baton Rouge

Teeth Whitening Baton Rouge Teeth whitening is one of easiest ways to bring “wow” to your smile. The process is safe, quick, painless, and economical... with dazzling results. Just mention bleaching/teeth whitening at any appointment at Cypress Dental in Baton Rouge to get started.

The process

Necessary treatment for cavities or periodontal disease should be completed before whitening. Then:
  • We snap a “before” picture.
  • Impressions are taken of your mouth to create bleaching stents (something like a sports mouthguard). These thin plastic trays fit comfortably and snugly. You may whiten only the upper arch, or the lower as well, depending on your smile.
  • You return in a day or two to pick up your stents and a supply of medical grade bleaching agent.
  • We provide thorough instructions on using and caring for your kit.
  • Fill the stents with whitening gel and wear them for three to four hours daily – at night if you’d like.
  • Within a week or two, you see dramatic change. Brown, yellow, and spotted stains disappear, as teeth return to natural luster, or brighter.
  • When your smile is as brilliant as you desire, use the whitening system periodically to keep it that way.
  • At your next checkup, you see the difference when we take an “after” photo.

What to expect

Professional bleaching/whitening is safe for adult patients of any age. Treatment bubbles stains from enamel, without harm to tooth structure or existing dental work. It is also the first option for deep discoloration caused by aging, chemical damage, or medications. Extreme cases may require veneers or crowns, but bleaching is so affordable it is always worth trying.

Your local drug store has an aisle of teeth whitening products. None can deliver the high level of safety and excellent results of professional bleaching/teeth whitening under Dr. LeJeune’s care at Cypress Dental in Baton Rouge. Call (225) 248-8400.