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Mercury Safe Dentistry Baton Rouge

Mercury Safe Dentistry Baton Rouge Silver-colored fillings are comprised of about 50 percent mercury. An amalgam filling places this known neurotoxin a few inches from the patient’s brain. Dr. Kurt LeJeune takes pride in providing mercury safe dentistry at Cypress Dental in Baton Rouge.

Biocompatibility trained by the best

An increasing number of savvy consumers are making the decision to rid their mouths of mercury and metals. However, when amalgam fillings are simply ground out by a conventional dentist, mercury vapor and particles are released into the patient’s body.

Biocompatibility trained dentists have thorough instruction in safe removal of amalgam fillings and other hazardous dental materials. They are adept at replacing those restorations with body-friendly materials that “first do no harm,” as they restore natural appearance and function.

Fewer than 10 percent of dentists in this country are trained in Dr. Bob Marshall’s protocol for safe removal of mercury restorations. Dr. LeJeune is one of them. This protocol is more stringent than the Dr. Huggins method.

Creating a healthy environment

The amalgam removal process follows stringent, meticulous steps including:
  • The safest available dental anesthetic.
  • Mass air vacuum pulls toxic vapors from the room.
  • Oxygen, administered through a small, comfortable nosepiece, provides the patient with a safe air source.
  • A vinyl or latex dam prevents ingestion of mercury and metal particles, and reduces bacterial transmission.
  • High speed handpiece with water source minimizes air spray.
  • New drill burs reduce particle scatter.
  • High speed suction removes filling material debris.
  • Caries detection with a water-based colorant reveals decay, plaque, and bacteria.
  • Diode laser disinfects the tooth, eliminating 99.9 percent of bacteria.
  • A beautiful, natural-looking restoration made of composite resin or low temperature fusing dental ceramic is placed.
Providing mercury-safe dentistry is a commitment to patient health, excellence in dental care, and respect for the staff and environment. You will find it in Baton Rouge at Cypress Dental. Call (225) 248-8400 to schedule an appointment.