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Dentures and Partial Denture Baton Rouge

Dentures and Partial Denture Baton Rouge A big spontaneous grin... digging into a hearty meal... speaking and laughing with confidence... these simple acts add tremendously to quality of life. With missing teeth, they diminish or disappear. Dentures or a partial denture from Dr. Kurt LeJeune in Baton Rouge help to bring back enjoyment of life’s basic pleasures.

Ensuring your satisfaction

There are many types of removable dentures and partial dentures, but they serve a common purpose – to replace missing teeth. These teeth may have fallen out or required extraction due to untreated decay, trauma, or bone loss associated with advanced gum disease.

At Cypress Dental, we make the exacting process efficient and comfortable:
  • Dr. LeJeune examines your mouth to determine which teeth are healthy enough to remain.
  • Untreatable teeth are extracted.
  • While immediate dentures may be a possibility, most patients opt for a healing period before dentures are inserted.
  • Impressions are taken.
  • The doctor designs your denture, and sends specifications to a reputable certified American denture laboratory. There, your denture is fabricated from FDA-approved materials.
  • Fitting dentures is not “once and done.” We want you to love the comfort and appearance of your new smile, and there is an adjustment period. During this time, expect periodic office visits for minor modifications to fit.
  • Most patients adapt readily, as feel and normal function return.

Options for beautiful smiles

A partial denture fits around the teeth that remain in the arch, utilizing them for support. A full denture replaces all teeth in an arch. A conventional denture is held in place by natural suction. Dentures can also be anchored with just a few dental implants, for an incredible level of stability and functionality.

Call Cypress Dental at (225) 248-8400 in Baton Rouge for dentures and partial dentures. Your smile is our passion!