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Therapeutic Treatments Baton Rouge

Therapeutic Treatments Baton Rouge Dr. Kurt LeJeune provides a broad range of minimally-invasive, therapeutic options for alleviation of jaw, face, head, and neck discomfort. Cypress Dental in Baton Rouge is equipped with the latest treatments and techniques.

Technologies for pain management

  • Infrared therapy – Polychromatic light therapy supplies different color spectra required by cells to reduce inflammation and help muscles and tissues heal.
  • Bio stimulation – The Alpha Stim 100 pain management unit is effective in combating chronic pain, headaches, and migraines. It delivers bilateral microvolts (electrical stimulation) through earlobe clips.
  • Cold laser therapy – The Lumix2 Biostim high-intensity diode cold laser activates cellular renewal, to promote healing and reduce pain without tissue damage.
  • MLS laser – Another cold laser bio stimulation device, the MLS sends rapid pulses of energy to ease pain and swelling. This unique laser combines two wavelengths of light into a continuous wave without producing heat, for anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits.

Injectable treatments

  • Prolo Therapy – A special solution causes mild irritation, initiating the body’s natural healing response at injection sites. Prolo Therapy shortens, thickens, and strengthens ligaments that support jaw function. Dr. LeJeune uses this technique to reduce clicking in temporomandibular joints.
  • Trigger point injections – Trigger points are small, hypersensitive areas deep in muscle mass that send impulses to the central nervous system. This can be the source of referred pain far from the muscle. A combination solution of anesthetic, anti-inflammatory medication, and a steroid is injected into trigger points for relief that lasts days, weeks, or months.
At Cypress Dental in Baton Rouge, therapeutic treatments are carefully personalized to your unique needs and physiology. Call (225) 248-8400.