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Orthodontics Baton Rouge

Orthodontics Baton Rouge Braces are not just for kids. Millions of teens and adults across the country are taking advantage of effective straightening options for healthy, attractive smiles. With a comprehensive range of family dentistry services including orthodontics, you don’t have to look further than Dr. Kurt LeJeune at Cypress Dental in Baton Rouge.

Understanding orthodontics

The purpose of orthodontic therapy is to move teeth into proper position, correct spacing issues, align the bite, and enhance the smile.

Many choices

  • Clear aligners – This system can be used to straighten all teeth, or as few as two or four. A series of smooth plastic aligners gradually repositions teeth. Aligners are virtually transparent, and removable for normal eating and good hygiene.
  • Damon System – This innovative advance in traditional orthodontics delivers results with greater comfort and fewer appointments. Lightweight shape-memory wire moves teeth faster, and because there are no elastic or metal ties, tightening is not required. The Damon approach usually does not require extractions or palate expansion. It is teeth straightening for enhanced facial esthetics.
  • Orthopedic appliances – These devices encourage optimal development of the upper and lower arch. This method can also be used to address crowding, impact of thumb sucking or tongue thrusting habits, and the relationship of jaws. Orthopedic appliances are most effective for children and adolescents, but some adult conditions may also be treated in this manner. Appliances may be fixed or removable.
  • A.L.F. appliances – The Advanced Lightwire Functional appliance consists of a thin wire placed on the inside of the upper and lower arches. The A.L.F. system may be used as orthodontic treatment, to align teeth and improve bite without the appearance of conventional braces. A.L.F. is also useful as orthopedic treatment, addressing alignment of bones and adjusting muscle function.
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