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Sleep Disorders Dentistry Baton Rouge

Sleep Disorders Dentistry Baton Rouge More than 22 million Americans have sleep disorders that significantly impact their health, emotional state, and relationships. Many do not realize that relief can be found through dentistry. Baton Rouge dentist, Dr. Kurt LeJeune, takes a collaborative approach to arrive at the best possible outcomes.

Common sleep disorders

There are many types of sleep disorders, and additional classifications within each category. These are the most common:
  • Snoring – Vibration of the soft palate caused by impaired air movement during sleep.
  • Hypopnea – This is a reduction in airflow (including shallow breathing or unusually low respiratory rate) that lasts for at least ten seconds. These episodes are typically more fleeting and less severe than OSA. However, hypopnea does impede air movement in the lungs, allowing blood oxygen levels to drop. Hypopnea is usually caused by a partial obstruction in the upper airway.
  • OSA – This is a more serious condition, often characterized by periods of complete loss of airflow.
  • Childhood sleep apnea – Up to four percent of children (including infants) have pediatric sleep apnea, a key factor in behavior and cognitive issues.

Integrative care

As the first dentist in Louisiana to treat sleep disorders with dental appliances, Dr. LeJeune has developed an effective strategy. He works closely with the patient’s family physician throughout testing and evaluation, to develop a treatment plan tailored to the diagnosis. Dr. LeJeune selects the most appropriate dental appliance from a broad range of models. The device is custom-fitted for the patient’s comfort, to reduce or eliminate the disorder, based on the physician’s requirements.

Oral appliance therapy is now considered a reasonable first-line approach to treating mild to moderate OSA. It can often avoid the need for CPAP or surgical intervention.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Dr. LeJeune’s multi-disciplinary approach can help you get restful sleep. Call (225) 248-8400.

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