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Snoring Baton Rouge

Snoring Baton Rouge Most people snore occasionally, but for about 37 million Americans it is chronic. Many don’t realize they are snoring unless a sleep mate complains. Those who recognize the problem may avoid treatment, believing that surgery is their only option. Dr. Kurt LeJeune helps patients in Baton Rouge and the entire southern region sleep peacefully, with non-surgical snore solutions.

Science of snoring

During sleep, muscles of the throat and the soft palate relax, as the tongue drops back. Constricted airflow causes the walls of the throat to vibrate, primarily when inhaling. The vibration creates harsh, snorting noises, varying in intensity.

Factors that contribute to snoring:
  • Age – Weakening of throat muscles is a natural part of the aging process.
  • Anatomical abnormalities – Nasal polyps, deviated septum, or enlarged tonsils or adenoids.
  • Functional aberrations – Allergies, head colds, or respiratory infection.
  • Sleep position.
  • Alcohol or muscle relaxants consumed in the evening.
  • Excess weight, especially fatty tissue around the neck.

Treatment options

It is important to seek relief from persistent snoring. It interrupts your sleep and that of your partner. In addition, snoring is a progressive disorder, often leading to hypopnea and sleep apnea. Long-term snoring can have adverse health effects ranging from daytime dysfunction to heart disease.

Dr. LeJeune employs the least invasive treatment techniques that effectively reduce or eliminate snoring. This begins with a thorough evaluation of facial structures, using advanced diagnostic technologies. Then, simple lifestyle modifications are explored.

If these methods do not alleviate snoring, Dr. LeJeune designs a custom-fitted oral appliance. This device, about the size of a sports mouthguard, repositions the jaw to keep the airway clear. While snore solutions are available through retail outlets, they can be quite expensive. None provide the individualized fit, comfort, or effectiveness of oral appliance therapy from an experienced dentist.

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