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Botox Therapeutic Trigger Point Injections Baton Rouge

Botox Therapeutic Trigger Point Injections Baton Rouge The addition of Botox to the normal formulation for therapeutic trigger point injections is beneficial in reducing muscles contractions for up to four months. This breakthrough treatment is available from Baton Rouge dentist, Dr. Kurt LeJeune.

Understanding trigger points

A trigger point is hypersensitive spot deep in the mass of a muscle. It bombards the central nervous system with impulses that cause pain and muscle spasms in the immediate area, as well as referred pain in other regions of the body.

Botox is a neuromodulator the interrupts those impulses. This injected medication is used to relax targeted muscle tissue. Therapeutic trigger point injections deliver Botox to thick, deep muscles of the face, head, and neck – such as those large muscles that support shoulders, move the neck, and allow us to open and close the mouth.
Trigger point injections may be indicated:
  • When a muscle or joint has suffered direct trauma.
  • For chronic muscle strain, often related to TMJ dysfunction, or caused by bruxism (nighttime clenching and grinding).
  • For tension prompted by fatigued muscles getting cold.
  • To treat arthritis.
  • For nerve root injury.
  • To address acute myositis – muscle weakness, swelling, and pain.

Unexpected benefit

Botox trigger point injections bring pain relief by decreasing muscle contractions. Injections atrophy (lessen muscle strength) in treated areas. Over time, these therapeutic injections also reduce the size of treated muscles. Often bruxism patients develop enlarged jaw muscles that give the lower face square, masculine proportions. The slimming effect of Botox trigger point injections is often a welcome side effect. Both sides of the face must be injected, and muscle reduction typically takes about four weeks.

Talk with Dr. LeJeune to find out if Botox therapeutic trigger point injections could be an effective, nonsurgical solution for your chronic pain. Call Cypress Dental in Baton Rouge, LA at (225) 248-8400.